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 Sorry at present we have no vacancies in the investigation team.
If you would like to apply we will place you on our waiting list. 


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Do you need help?

We will NOT charge and will attempt to assist you entirely free! 

Beyond 20 miles radius of Newhaven, East Sussex, UK a donation towards travel expenses appreciated.


If you are experiencing possible paranormal activity in your home or place of work, and would like to try and discover the cause, please contact us or fill out our online investigation request form.  We are discreet, objective, honest and we're always happy to try and help put your mind at rest.  We will, of course, respect your privacy and our investigation will remain confidential if you so wish.

 Please CLICK HERE for more information.


We DO NOT charge a fee!

We DO NOT use Ouija boards, candles or table tipping etc. during any of our investigations! 


API facebook group
Please ask to join our new facebook group and comment or start/join in discussions there.
Alpha Paranormal Investigations are an experienced, open-minded, objective and honest paranormal investigating team based on the coast, east of Brighton, in East Sussex, UK.  We do not accept every event as paranormal and attempt to de-bunk when possible.  We do not charge to carry out investigations and are happy to investigate private residences, hotels, theatres, pubs or work places etc. within approximately 30 miles of Brighton.  We would be prepared to investigate anywhere in the UK for travel expenses only.  (To be negotiated.)  We are a very friendly and professionally minded team with a good balance of sceptics, sensitives and team members who use a more scientific approach.

If you witness a possible paranormal event or haunting here are some basic steps you can follow.

    Try to video record or photograph the event if possible.

    Try to keep cameras, still or video, to hand in case any other events occur over the next few days.

    Make a note of the the weather conditions at the time(s).

    Make a note of the exact time(s) and date(s).

    Note the length of time of the event.

    If possible try to sketch what you have seen.

    Make a note any sound or lack of it.

    Note down anything else that you consider strange, smells, mists or anything else unusual.

    Make a note any disappearances or appearances of objects, or objects that may have possibly been moved.

    Attempt to note down everything and anything witnessed during the event.

    If the phenomena occurs on a regular basis, attempt to keep a diary of events along with information above.

    Report it as soon as possible to us at Alpha Paranormal Investigations or another reputable group.



This website is an Orb Free Experience

As a serious paranormal investigating team we DO NOT accept orbs captured on compact digital or cell 'phone cameras as evidence of paranormal activity!

Orb phenomena HERE


 Alpha Paranormal Investigations do not arrange events, "ghost hunts", "ghost walks" or "ghost tours" and do not partake in them.  We do not visit venues that charge paranormal investigators a fee.  We never trespass and only visit areas open to the general public or private properties with the owner's consent.  We always get permission before entering a private property and either the owner is with us as an escort or they have signed a letter granting permission. 

 Our team members always carry plastic photo ID cards as above.



Sorry at present we have no vacancies in the investigation team.

If you would like to apply we will place you on our waiting list. 


Become a member of A.P.I.


If you would like to become a member of A.P.I. please fill out the online application form here(Sorry you must be 18 or over to apply.)

If you would like to become an Investigator with us we will invite you to attend as a guest on two investigations.  Following that, if we consider you suitable, we will offer you a position in the investigating team either as a trainee or full investigator depending on experience.

Even if you have no wish to be involved in actual investigations we welcome people to join in a Supporting role.  This could be fund raising, researching, writing up reports, collating information etc.

An Associate member is someone who is interested in what we do, would like to support us but due to other commitments, geographical location etc. is unable to get personally involved.

If you're interested in joining us as a guest on an investigation, would like to support us in other ways or wish to find out more then please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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